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How Should Be The Beauty Calender For a Healty Skin?

It is essential for both sexes, men and women, to have a young and healthy skin
appearance. As time progresses, our skin loses most of the molecules in its structure,
especially when the fat pads in the middle face also melt, moving downward under the
influence of gravity. The Nasolabial groove deepens, the marionette lines at the rim
become prominent, and the jaw contour deteriorates. And is it possible to prevent all these
Of course, it is possible to avoid this by correctly identifying the needs of the skin
and interfering with the skin with the right injection techniques in a timely manner. From a
young age, it is possible to have a good skin quality by investing in the skin with products
rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins, amino acids, growth factors, even if age
progresses, we can still protect our skin quality. These molecules are found in the natural
structure of the skin, but; they are molecules that begin to decline from the age of 20 with
the progression of age. Of course, in addition, using regular sunscreen, eating healthy,
avoiding pests such as smoking, not lying in the sun for hours in the name of sunbathing in
summer, and installing products for the needs of the skin in season and time by creating a
calendar at regular intervals under the supervision of a doctor will be appropriate behavior.
Even as time progresses, you can have young smooth skin as long as you maintain
your skin quality and health. But remember, it all starts with wanting.